The Adventures of Cooper

Join Cooper, our mascot and friend, on his adventures through the Bench Fashion Floors store!


How Easy!

With a wide selection and helpful sales associates, choosing a floor at Bench's Carpet One is just so easy!

Cooper's Competition

Cooper buries the competition with bargain prices on great quality flooring!

Cooper's Bright Future

Cooper's flooring future is so bright, he has to wear shades.

Cooper's Leftovers

Cooper thought he was getting leftovers- we meant remnants!

Falling Prices

Cooper has to wear a hard hat to protect himself from falling prices here at Bench Fashion Floors!

Cooper the Cowboy

Cooper is rounding up some high quality flooring!

Cool Cooper

With deals this hot on flooring, Cooper has to keep it cool!

Cooper's Mess

We don't know what Cooper got into, but we hope he cleans up as easy as Lee's stain resistant carpet!

Competitive Pricing

Cooper is taking a bite out of high price, poor quality flooring!

Delivery Day

Cooper is out making a delivery on high quality fashionable flooring!

Cooper's Disguise

Cooper may be undercover, but there is no disguise for high quality flooring!

Friday Nights

Cooper is ready for his Friday Night Bath- It's a good thing we have exclusive waterproof flooring options here at Bench Floors!

Cooper and his Baseball

Cooper never drops the ball on keeping prices low!

Cooper's Couch

Cooper isn't allowed on the couch, but he can make himself at home on our tough, stain resistant carpet!

The Doghouse

Cooper's been a bad dog- now he's in the doghouse!

Bench Flooring's Guard Dog

Cooper is guarding against the high prices and poor quality of the home centers!

Cooper's Favorite Show

Cooper is watching his favorite show on TV- the digital Designer Home Magazine!

Cooper & Company

Cooper is picking out carpet with his friends- he particularly loves this soft, high quality sample!

Cooper's New Hat

Every dog is a cat at heart!

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